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Schroeder Fire: Exemplary Fire & Explosion Analysis from Industry Leaders

What You Do After the Event Makes All the Difference

Loss of life and property in any tragic event demands closure. Schroeder Fire has been providing the how and why answers in some of the nation's more devastating fire and explosion incidents for more than two decades. Loss size is not however a measurement on which our involvement is based.  Any loss regardless of the size deserves proper analysis. Schroeder Fire is ready to assist in achieving that end.

Our work is very similar to performing an autopsy on a human body... only the bodies we examine are structures, process systems, equipment, fire protection systems, etc.

Like proficient Medical Examiners, we are often asked to solve complex investigations on micro and macro levels, introducing depths of analysis far beyond the identification of an event's origin and cause. We analyze the incident from a holistic perspective. From conception to its untimely end, we seek to understand the life of a structure, what changes it underwent and why, its overall health and ultimately answer why it was unexpectedly damaged or lost by the event. This same systematic approach is applied to processing systems, equipment, fire suppression systems, etc.

As it relates to fire and safety, our formal training and practical application of construction design and methods, process design, building materials selection and performance, and the ability to conduct in depth historical research of the same are just some of the resources we leverage.  In addition, we have crafted and executed small and full scale fire and explosion tests.

WRR scene
CAD 3D Recreation
Grain Elevator
CAD 3D Recreation
Hazwoper scenes and suits
Fire Modeling
Full Scale Testing
Full Scale Testing
Infrared Analysis
Materials Fire Analysis
Fire Investigation

I'm the guy they call to do the autopsy...

of the building, aircraft, piece of equipment, process system, storage facility or vehicle... and often a combination of these.


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